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In a challenging global climate of dynamic political affairs, sanctions have become a central tool of U.S. foreign policy. Yet, public knowledge of sanctions and their impact on targeted countries, as well as Americans at home, is generally lacking. In fact, the field of sanctions law and the consequences of these economic policies are still an understudied area of expertise despite expanding U.S. reliance on sanctions. As such, there is a significant need for experts with experience and knowledge of this terrain to mediate between U.S. government institutions and the public which is affected by these policies, while keeping abreast of recent developments.

For over 14 years, Yazdanyar Law Offices has helped to fill this very gap, diligently defending the rights of our clients, and assisting them with navigating the often-complex and ever-changing world of U.S. sanctions and immigration laws. Our highly skilled team provides the expertise, sophistication, and professionalism of a large firm with the compassion and personalized attention you can only find at a boutique law firm.

At Yazdanyar Law Offices, we view ourselves as your advocate. We understand the very real impact sanctions and immigration regulations have on your life and the lives of your loved ones. As such, we take the time to understand your specific circumstance in order to find the solution that will best meet your needs in the most timely and cost-effective manner.




generally licensed transactions

Transactions that are permitted under the regulations, but that still require the client to establish transparency.

Non-commerical Personal Remittances:

Non-commercial personal remittances can be a gift or inheritance to and from a designated country. When these transactions are generally licensed, they do not require separate authorization from OFAC. However, you must ensure that the funds are deposited to your U.S. bank through legal channels and that the transfer does not involve designated nationals.

Sale of real or personal assets that were inherited or acquired before becoming a U.S. person

When OFAC issues a general license permitting all U.S. persons to sell inherited property and assets, or property and assets that had been acquired prior to that person becoming a U.S. person, you no longer need to apply for a specific license from OFAC. Again, you must submit certain compliance documents to your U.S. bank and confirm the legality of the sale and transfer of assets.

Explanation of regulations; banking method and need to submit compliance documents to U.S. bank

Despite OFAC’s general licenses, you must still submit appropriate compliance documents to the correct department of your U.S. banking institution in order for the bank to be aware of the source and legality of the transfer. You must submit certain compliance documents to your bank prior to each incoming wire transfer, ensure that the wire transfers enter the United States through legal channels and that the transfer does not involve any designated entities or individuals.



specific licenses

Transactions that are not legal on their face and that require specific authorization from OFAC.

A specific license can be applied for and obtained through OFAC—unless restricted through explicit legislation—for transactions would otherwise be considered “prohibited” according to existing regulations. A specific license is a written authorization issued by OFAC to a particular individual or entity that grants permission to engage in a specific transaction or activity. In the absence of such a specific license, the transaction or activity is deemed illegal. A specific license issued by OFAC to a certain individual or entity does not grant any other individual or entity the same permission.



compliance training

A tool for businesses and individuals to understand sanctions.

The ever-expanding use of sanctions as a U.S. foreign policy tool makes understanding these regulations and their impact significant for many businesses and individuals. The swift onslaught of sanctions against Russia after its invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 illustrated both the speed and impact of these policies.

Our compliance trainings assist you in understanding how sanctions apply to you, your business, international transactions, and the hiring of nationals from other countries. Our training programs can help you implement strategies and tools tailored to your business to ensure compliance and also outline steps to take to rectify violations.




Schedule a consultation today to learn more about OFAC's currrent regulations and how they apply to you and to determine the best course of action for your case.

our experience


Yazdanyar Law Offices specializes in assisting clients worldwide to comply with and address issues related to the sanctions programs administered by the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). Our practice has assisted thousands of clients with the legal and transparent transfer of assets from a sanctioned countries to the United States and/or obtaining specific licenses from OFAC authorizing otherwise prohibited transactions.

In addition to facilitating the legal transfer of assets and working with OFAC to obtain specific licenses, our firm has successfully defended federally prosecuted clients on issues relating to U.S. trade sanctions and handled OFAC matters arising before the Federal Bureau of Investigations. And finally, our firm has provided compliance training and consulting services to corporations worldwide in order to help them understand the complex and often changing U.S. sanctions programs and the potential impact of those regulations on their businesses. Thus, our practice encompasses the far-reaching regulatory, enforcement, and criminal aspects of sanctions law.

What sets our firm apart from other firms is our comprehensive understanding of not only U.S. sanctions and banking laws, but also those of the sanctioned country. This critical understanding of the sanctioned country’s culture and regulations allows us to find workable solutions for our clients that can actually be executed in a transparent manner.


Obtained over 100 specific OFAC licenses for individuals and entities


Defended federally prosecuted clients throughout the United States in matters relating to US sanctions law


Provided expert counsel and served as expert witnesses on civil and criminal cases relating to U.S. sanctions law


Handled numerous immigration matters arising before various US government departments and agencies


Maintain a strong, multilingual team across our offices in order to assist our clients in a wide variety of languages and in a timely manner


Work closely with U.S. banks' compliance departments to ensure transparent and legal transactions from sanctioned countries

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